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Stuart Weitzman and Harpers Bazaar are teaming up for an exclusive Capsule Collection. I love the different styles displayed in this video. There is a little something for everyone and every style! My personal favorite is “The Rosy”!



Wardrobe Wednesday!

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I’ve been obsessed with black and gold this year! A night out on the town is an excellent time to pull out those gold embellishments to create a super fun look! Throw on a little gold shimmer eye shadow and a bit of black eye liner and you’re ready to go!

What’s new: Interview

Megan Creps, a recent design graduate, showed up to the interview looking cute as ever. Sporting her own creations: light brown, fringe, moccasins and a floral tie, Megan is a lovely representative of her own art. Her attitude radiates true passion for adventure and creation! She brought so much excitement to this interview. Megan started her journey at a young age working on the display team for Anthropologie, which led to her starting a small business of her own designing anything from clothing, accessories,  and home decor items!




Elle: Tell us about how you find your inspiration?

Megan Creps: I am so inspired by the world around me. I love to explore outside and find odd new discoveries. Plants, moss, bark, twigs, the stark blue of the sky with whimsical clouds, little mushrooms, they all have me smitten. I also find inspiration in my everyday life. Life never fails to bring surprises, and it always keeps me on my toes. Being smitten with the unexpected plays out into how I dress, what I design, and how I can find inspiration.

Elle: Your style is very boho-chic, how would you describe your style and taste?

Creps: My style is very unique and describes who I am. I am obsessed with things like patterns, lace, beading, accessories, fringe, floral, polka dots, and texture. I love putting on an outfit that makes me feel carefree and me. That is what boho-chic is all about. It is about taking the everyday and incorporating it into clothing. Those unexpected moments in life, the joys, the flow of everyday: these are reflected in my polka dotted dresses, dip-dyed crop tops, and my floral printed tanks that I sometimes like to put with a striped jacket. It is all unexpected and wonderful, and just continues to allow me to mix up my style and make it more me.

Elle: Where do you see this type of style going in 2015?

Creps: I see this style really taking off in 2015. People are obsessed with adventure and discovering new places and things, so I think that the boho-chic style really caters to this idea of discovery. Boho-chic is a very relaxed style with unique ideas flowing out of every seam. It allows the woman to feel sophisticated, carefree, and extraordinary. She will put on boho-chic outfits and leave her house feeling inspired. This is what women of 2015 are looking for in their style. They are looking for the unexpected, and boho-chic will continually sweep them off their feet.

Elle: You have your own small business where you design and create clothing and household items, what are some of your favorite things to create?

Creps: Some of my favorite things to create are definitely accessories and household items. It is an act of adding a little bit of “happy” to our everyday. I love watching how it changes people. Making my sweet burlap pillows with the hand- stitched felt flowers are probably my favorite thing to make. I believe it is the act of hand-stitching that has me smitten. People just don’t do it anymore, and it is something special to me. It puts a whole lot of love into my product. A needle and thread, thimbles and patience: this is part of what it takes to make an amazing product. I also enjoy stitching up head ties, people have been going crazy over them. I think the reason they have all fallen in love with them, is that it is an easy go-to when you just need a pop of color in an outfit. Head ties also make you realize that you can express yourself with even the way you style your hair. Adding a head tie with a unique design can totally change the look of your outfit, it is so amazing to see the impact of a simple accessory.

Elle: How do you stand out from the rest with your designs?

Creps: My designs are unique because they are more than just the design. They have part of my heart. I absolutely love doing what I do, and this is not hidden in my design of clothing, accessories, and home décor. When I make a pillow, I stitch it and add bits of my creativity, knowing that this pillow is going to make an impact in someone else’s home. It is such an incredible feeling. Creating from the heart and putting passion behind my designs is what makes me stand out as a designer.

Elle: “Fringe” has become quite popular in the style market, is this be a trend that would be found in your closet?

Creps: I am personally obsessed with fringe. For me, it compliments my boho- chic style as it adds a bit of whimsical to my moccasins and handbags. The fringe is almost a way of adding a bit of freedom and movement into a lifestyle. The way that the fringe moves when you walk, there is a bit of whimsical, carefreeness to it. I love that part about it. It really reflects who I am as a designer.



Dethroned Two Weeks After Being Crowned!

153ae2b4367037.img      We’ve heard of winners losing the crown due to be morally corrupt, unable to fulfill duties, you name it! But losing the crown for being TOO OLD?! This is a first!

While 24-year-old Amanda Longacre was enjoying her two minutes of fame, the board realized something that they had missed in her paperwork. That Longacre would be turning 25 before her year contract was up. So how is Amanda dealing with the situation?

“I lost everything and they want to erase me forever,” Longacre told the news station. The former pageant winner said she was unaware of the rules when she entered the competition. “They deleted me off of everything, they’re ignoring me,” Longacre told WCAU. “They deleted me off the [Facebook] group and put up a press release announcing a new Miss Delaware.”

The pageant world is no easy place to succeed, and sadly, Amanda Longacre has found that out the hard way.

For Spring-Summer 2014, ELIE SAAB

For Spring-Summer 2014, ELIE SAAB

Saab drew inspiration from nature for this collection and has outdone himself. The colors used are camellia white, eglantine rose, bougainvillea and verdant green  along with a dramatic black which has been paired with a sexy yet sophisticated lace. This collection gives the notion of being in a spring garden: fresh, airy, elegant, sexy, feminine. Everything is tailored to perfection which truly makes every garment come alive. Carrying the element of elegance along with a sexy fit to a woman’s body.

The sharp lines of the of a sophisticated evening gown and plunging necklines in this summers fashion line is to be anticipated. Just watching just these new creations is like poetry in motion, feeling beautiful, as you can imagine yourself in every gown.

Saab is reminiscent of a wistful dream. The color tones on the gowns seem to drift into the purplish hue of the ground. My personal favorite is the black lace that Saab is incorporating into his line this year. Its new, it’s sexy, it’s classy. It is a look that has made it into several generations of fashion and is not one to be looked over. Another fabulous look is the patterns. At first glance you almost think see a edgy element to a very glamorous. The colors paired with a flower or two has become wildly popular in this line and a look that I believe we will continue to see on the red carpet. Saab has not disappointed.



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A Little About Me

My name is Alyssa Brooke Miller, I was born and raised in Greenville, SC and I am following the paths of Fashion Design and a bit of Interior Design as well.

My hopes for this Blog is to display my passion and give you a visual eye into the industry of fashion and design through the writings of a design student. Since I was young I have enjoyed the art of creating. By piecing odd shapes and quirky color schemes I have found my own unique way of being “different” and setting myself apart. I am not trying to follow in the foot steps of another but simply create my own.