Is There a Way to Dress Up Scrubs?!

I’m a student nurse and have become quite used to the idea of wearing scrubs on a daily basis BUT I will want to feel like I woman. YES, ladies, it’s possible! Unless your employer requires you to wear Tweety bird then your personal style should not be impaired. Two things are important in order to achieve this. 1. The fit, do NOT buy scrubs that are too big or too little. They are unflattering as it is so you won’t be doing yourself any favors with that mistake. 2. Have fun with your hair! No need to just stick it up in a plain ponytail for the sake of convenience. If it’s mandatory that you wear your hair up than do yourself a justice and check out some Pinterest ideas for cute up do’s!

Yes, nursing is hard work, and sometimes our looks aren’t our main priority BUT a little effort goes a LONG way!

Easy_Updos_For_Short_Hair_1 wedding-updo-hairstyles_9 339efb45800c701d2d57a74b3e6d1318

Written by: Ashleigh Denee 



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