Dethroned Two Weeks After Being Crowned!

153ae2b4367037.img      We’ve heard of winners losing the crown due to be morally corrupt, unable to fulfill duties, you name it! But losing the crown for being TOO OLD?! This is a first!

While 24-year-old Amanda Longacre was enjoying her two minutes of fame, the board realized something that they had missed in her paperwork. That Longacre would be turning 25 before her year contract was up. So how is Amanda dealing with the situation?

“I lost everything and they want to erase me forever,” Longacre told the news station. The former pageant winner said she was unaware of the rules when she entered the competition. “They deleted me off of everything, they’re ignoring me,” Longacre told WCAU. “They deleted me off the [Facebook] group and put up a press release announcing a new Miss Delaware.”

The pageant world is no easy place to succeed, and sadly, Amanda Longacre has found that out the hard way.


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